Is Prospecting for New Customers LikeTalking to a Brick Wall?

I’m sure you’ve heard that if you are doing what you love and have a passion for it, people will be attracted to you. The Secret book and movie exposed millions of people to the Law of Attraction. But is attraction enough to get the meeting, or seal the deal, or close the sale?

One missing step in The Secret that successful people know and many readers do not, is that you need to connect with people where they are at now, not just talk about where you want to take them. You have a vision and a passion for where you want to take people, or how you want to help them. But they aren’t inside your head seeing that vision and that means you might have to change things up in your approach.

I see people all the time who seem to naturally attract clients, customers, followers, team members and money. When they are asked what their secret is, they often say that they just listen for what the other person wants rather than “selling” to them. But we all think we are listening well and somehow many of us still don’t get our message through. Why not? The missing key for most of us is that we need to understand the emotional connection of our words to their processor. We need to re-train ourselves to see people’s needs through their filter rather than our own filter.

If you take the time to get learn how to get personal, you WILL make more money.

Kim Schuld is a speaker and consultant helping individuals and business owners know themselves better in order to better understand their families, clients and prospects. Kim spent more than 20 years in national politics working with corporations, trade associations and non-profits using her methods to help clients reach their audiences faster, and to make the most of their limited time in front of Congressmen, Senators, Governors and the media. Kim Schuld is the author of the upcoming book, “The Promise of Someday,” about the shift that takes place when individuals start to hope for a better “someday” and the steps to make that happen in their lives. For more information visit

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