Dump Dieting


“Discover Exactly How to Be FREE From
the Grip of Emotional Eating, Fear of Food,

Guilt-Ridden Dieting and
Judgment From the Scale.”

How I Broke FREE of the Dieting Mindset:

Have you lost hope that you’ll ever find the right diet?

Are you sick and tired of feeling guilty about not being able to stay on a diet?

Did it ever occur to you that you don’t need another diet to start next Monday?

Or are you living in fear of gaining a pound? Counting every morsel of food, turning down things you like and priding yourself on how much “bad food” you can avoid?

Are you tired of living that way?
What would it FEEL like to never go on another diet AND know that you will be Okay?

Here’s the ugly truth: DIETS DON’T WORK.

What does work is a new mindset.
What does work is a new perspective.
What does work is a new map to take your journey to the next oasis.

Don’t wait for the next new diet to come along, or for January 1st to roll around to go back on Weight Watchers, or back to Medifast, or back on the NutriSystem unless you’ve FIRST changed your mindset. There are many good programs out there, but they don’t work if you are in the wrong frame of mind!

The hope you are looking for rests in making a mindset shift so that you can dump your dieting mentality and embrace a new way of living that includes healthy eating that you enjoy, healthy activities that help your body, and healthy thoughts that create a new you.

But it’s so hard doing it alone. And sometimes, your gal pals will let you off the hook.

The good news is…


I am a Recovered Dieting Addict. I lost over 80 pounds through hard work and food deprivation, but my mindset hadn’t changed so my life didn’t change. After gaining back enough of the weight to scare myself, I decided to DUMP DIETING and get real about healthy living.


Now I live life in a place where I am comfortable with my body. I can pin what I eat to changes in my mood and my health. I can trust my body to know what it needs and to stop eating when it is satisfied. When I feel myself going off the rails, I can quickly address the real issues and get back on plan.

And I am passionate about helping you feel this way too.

Every day for 30 days you will watch a very short DUMP DIETING video. You’ll get practical tips, food for thought, emotional healing and butt-kicking accountability that will set you on a new path to turn your life around.

This is going to be so simple! You’ll be amazed at how little it takes to change your life.

That’s right…SIMPLE. Not easy, but SIMPLE.

And that’s why you’re going to get help EVERY DAY. If it was easy, we wouldn’t have eating disorders and problems with obesity and women talking about their thighs with strangers in the line at the grocery store. We wouldn’t have so much secret shame and secret sadness.

You’re going to find out just how simple DUMPING YOUR DIET can be for the extraordinarily low investment of

You can start this video program ANYTIME. There is no reason to wait until January 1st, or next Monday, or the 1st Monday of next month because you’re not going to be on another diet.

We’re going to quit that club forever!

Take charge of your health and your life with a small investment of only



What you’ll get is liberation, satisfaction, peace, mental quiet and body consciousness. You’ll grow to appreciate just how magically and wonderfully made your body really is. It’s a scientific and artistic masterpiece that you will fall in love with all over again.



Whether you decide to participate in this program or not, I hope that you will find your place of peace with food and exercise and what you believe about yourself. I think you’re worth the effort!

Best wishes for a FIT and HEALTHY life.

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Kim Schuld
The Life Journey Coach

PS – When you sign up for this program, you’ll also receive my free report and a complimentary subscription to my newsletter. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here and imagine what one month of investing some time in yourself will do in your life!


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