About Kim

Life is a journey and sometimes we get stuck along the way. I have been stuck several times in my life — the end of a marriage-destined relationship, the sudden loss of a job that I thought defined me and gave me value, paralyzing weight gain, successful weight loss that did not change my life the way I thought it would, the biological clock going off with no potential husband in sight — all of these events left me stuck for longer than I care to admit.

I started college as a pre-med student and eventually switched to phys-ed so that I could become a chiropractor to professional athletes. I bought into Amy March’s philosophy that if I could just as easily fall in love with a rich man as a poor one, so I would find a way to hang around the rich ones — professional football players!  Ahhh…the hubris of the young!

But along the way, I got sidetracked into politics and then pretty much fell into it as a career. I didn’t get the same rush of excitement from studying the Krebs cycle as I did from politics so I scrapped Chiropractic College and set out to change the world.

I have had a wild 20 year career in politics. I’ve met many famous people, I’ve been a published author and accomplished many things that other people said couldn’t be done. But the political world is one of competition, fear, anger and resentment and I found that the people I worked with were more likely to throw me under a bus than they were to challenge me to live bigger and be more successful. I even had a woman fire me from a job where I was very effective to salvage her own job because of a personality conflict she had with a board member.

Along the way I had many personal challenges as well. I thought I had found a great guy, but he turned out to be the wrong guy for me and when I broke off our long relationship I felt like I was going through a divorce. I had to do a lot of soul searching to figure out why such a smart girl could have ended up in such an abusive relationship. I ate my way up to a 100 pound weight gain and then had to fight through all the self sabotage and self-defeating habits to lose it (and that’s still in progress!)

And because my career was a place to pursue the passions of my intellect but not the passions of my heart, I had to discover where my heart wanted to lead me. It turns out that many of the skills and talents I have used in my political career are ideal for coaching when paired with my natural gifts and abilities. I have an ability to help people cut through the emotions on the surface of their lives and see where their heart-filled needs are not being met. And then we work to reconcile those heart needs with a life that fulfills them.

Whether or not you decide to work with me, don’t waste any more time living with dissatisfaction or discontentment. All of us are designed to be unique, and that is what makes us special. If you are stuck on ordinary and that bothers you, it means that it is time to share your unique gifts with the rest of us, and I am here to help you do that.

Best wishes for a fulfilled and satisfying life!


About Kim

Kim Schuld will kick your life journey into high gear by helping you to clarify your priorities, find your purpose, and set your new course.
Kim Schuld, The Life Journey Coach